Frozen Style Pastizzi

Our Frozen Style Pastizzi Varieties

All Pastizzi 600 gm bags, 12 pieces. Pricing shown here for our Carramar Factory Outlet only.

Ricotta Cheese $9.50
Ricotta Cheese & Spinach $9.50
Peas & Beef $9.50
Feta & Ricotta $9.50
Mushy Peas $9.50
Curried Beef $10.50
Chicken & Mushrooms $10.50
Chicken & Vegetables $10.50
Apple $9.50

Frozen Style Pastizzi

Our Cooked Pastizzi Varieties with Pricing

We will cook your Pastizzi on order:

Whilst Ricotta and Pea & Beef is always available, large amounts should be pre-ordered.

All other varieties must be ordered in advance and by lots of a dozen. All cooked Pastizzi are $21 per dozen.

Cooked Pastizzi Varieties

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