Welcome to Gatos’ Pastizzi

Gatos’ Pastizzi owes its existence to the skills, tenacity and hard work of its founder, Geytano Hill, a Maltese emigrant who came to Australia searching for a new life after his family home was destroyed during the bombing of Malta in the second world war. The business existed in various forms, from feeding hungry Maltese men at the various Maltese clubs throughout Darlinghurst in the fifties through to the seventies to its present day form in 2019.

Together, with his hardworking wife Theresa by his side at all times, Geytano built a business and a way of life that has become an institution In Sydney to the many devotees that enjoy the products which still maintain the high level of quality and consistency.

Pastizzi is a delicious little hand formed pastry parcel containing a range of tasty fillings. Gato’s Pastizzi specialises in manufacturing wholesale pastizzi for retailers and food service operators. Our focus is firmly on presentation, taste and the use of high quality ingredients at all times.

Currently offering a range of sixteen varieties of fillings, we are proud to boast there is something for all tastes. Pastizzi are light, crunchy & extremely Moorish.

All that’s required to prepare pastizzi is to heat them in the oven. They are perfect as finger foods for parties, board meetings, buffets and other special occasions. They can be served with or without dipping sauces and home cooks enjoy passing them around at barbecues and other social gatherings.

Such is the appeal of the humble that our brand is available on select menus on Qantas International Flights out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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