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Feedback_Stephen James Collins

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Love the food and drink and enjoy the yarn with charlie so get down here and stock up for xmas.Was here today for lunch.merry xmas to all at gato's

Stephen James C.


Feedback_Annette Whale

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Hello. Luv Gatos pastizzi my favourite. I always get my fix when im in Sydney now live up north Rocky Yeppoon area. Will Gatos make its way up here.

Annette W.


Feedback_Jennifer Marsh

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Popped into Gato's saturday on our way to my Nanna's for lunch. I was recognised too! I've been having Pastizzi and Raviul since I was a little girl and it's become a much loved tradition in our family to share this meal. Much love to you and many thanks for all the years of yummy food.
Nowadays my own little family loves it too smile emoticon x

Jennifer M.


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"Best pastizzis in the world! Also love the raviul!"

Erin S

"Been enjoying your famous pastizzis longer than I can remember, nothing compares 🙂"

Cheyne M

"So good!! Didnt know this place existed. Cheese pastizzi please!"

Leo G

"I Paul Hili. Say that Gatos are the best in Sydney and maybe the world."

Paul H

"Was so glad to find a great range of Gatos Pastizzi at the Super Butcher in Ashmore on the GC..My family were so pleased..Guess what i am having for dinner tonight...Yumm.."

Sylvia M

"BEST in Australia love the traditional peas and beef and ricotta cheese ones , got some in the oven now for supper !"

Anna C

I have heard how tasty your products are and would like to know if I can buy them here in MALTA....as cannot come all the way to Australia for them lol keep up the good work

Maria S Z

"Used to drive 40mins at least once a month to Villawood just for the fresh pea & beef pastizzi! Since moving up to the Gold Coast 10yrs ago we now travel about the same distance to buy them frozen to do ourselves at home LoL WORTH IT!!!!!"

Maxine C

"Just cooked the frozen jumbo ravioli I bought there today yummie and such am easy dinner. Will be great for Good Friday"

Jenny M

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Good traditional Maltese food prepared and cooked by a real traditional Maltese chef and his family. Restaurant/Cafe has been in the family for two generations and at the location since the early eighties or even longer. Originally started out by Gaetano himself, an early Maltese pioneering chef/cook in the heart of the city (Sydney). His son and family now run the business. The food is nothing extravegant, but it is good, fresh and cooked to perfection. Items include pastizzi, qassatat, qhat-tal hasel (honey/treacle rings) and many many more traditional Maltese light meals and sweets. Good value for money for Australia. Food and pricing not as good as being in Malta, but close. Featured on SBS food safari a couple of years ago. Very traditonal 60's Maltese decor. Owner and staff very friendly and love to talk.

Adam C

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Visited Gato's as part of a food tour a number of years ago & watched how they made the pastizzis & brought some of their frozen products - much to my family's delight. Was very happy recently to discover they are still operating ( apparently they have been going for 25 years - that surely says something) their pastizzis are the BEST!!!! so reasonably priced a must if passing by.

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Gato’s Pastizzi specialises in manufacturing wholesale pastizzi for retailers and foodservice operators. Our focus is firmly on presentation, taste and the use of high quality ingredients at all times.

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