Pastizzi, pastizzi, pastizzi

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of fine pastries and fingerfood products.

Frozen Pastizzi

Our Frozen Style Pastizzi Varieties

Ricotta Cheese 

Ricotta Cheese & Spinach   

Peas & Beef 

Feta & Ricotta 

Mushy Peas 

Curried Beef 

Pizza Style 

Chicken & Mushrooms 

Chili Con Carne 

Chicken & Vegetables 

Tandoori Chicken 


Sweet Ricotta & Blueberry  


Rabbit Stew 

pastizzi to order

Our Cooked Pastizzi Varieties with Pricing

We will cook your pastizzi on order:
Whilst Ricotta and Pea & Beef is always available, large amounts should be pre-ordered.
All other varieties must be ordered in advance.

Ricotta $13.50 per dozen

Peas & Beef $13.50 per dozen

Ricotta & Spinach $13.50 per dozen

Feta & Ricotta $13.50 per dozen

Mushy Peas $13.50 per dozen

Curried Beef $15.00 per dozen

Chicken & Vegetable $15.00 per dozen

Pizza Style $15.00 per dozen

Chicken & Mushroom $15.00 per dozen

Chili Con Carne $15.00 per dozen

Apple $13.50 per dozen

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About Us

Gato’s Pastizzi specialises in manufacturing wholesale pastizzi for retailers and foodservice operators. Our focus is firmly on presentation, taste and the use of high quality ingredients at all times.

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