The Original Maltese Cafe

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of fine pastries and fingerfood products.

We have moved!

Once an icon in Darlinghurst, now moved to our head office and manufacturing facility in Carramar, Sydney.


What Others Are Saying

“great spag bog”

nothing to look at from the outside but tasty food at good price. small selection of wines but all good

dcll1407, Port Douglas, Australia
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“Best Maltese Cafe in Sydney for over 30 years still going Strong!”

I used to work nearby in the CBD district and every time I visit Sydney I make a point of checking out there Pastizzi , the Split pea or cheese are my favourite. Last time I ordered a plate with salad which was served with a smile. Low Cost and budget ideal for the backpacker or a snack if you are in the area!


“original, off centre, intimate”

While walking along Crown Street we went into a non-flashy 'sicilian' outlet asking for a street direction. They offered us pastizzis and were inspiring in warmth of spirit, communicativeness and medi-terranean antipodean grandeur.

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“Pastizzi heaven!”

Not only is this place THE place for Sydney's pastizzi lovers, coming here and enjoying the ambiance is also being part of Sydney's street scene and culture.

My wife (who's a vegetarian) and I come here as often as we can to pick up our supplies of pastizzis. We particularly pick up the frozen peas-based pastizzis so that we can bake it at home to enjoy. But we ALWAYS have at least one for the road.

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“Best Maltese food ever”

I always come here when I'm in Sydney. The food is traditional Maltese food with generous helpings and low prices. The staff are really friendly. A must for any food lover!

Lisa B
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“best pastizzi in sydney!”

a great selection of pastizzi in delicious buttery pastry. the mashed pea pastizzi is the best! treat yourself!

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“Fantastic value for money!”

We just had breakfast in there. Extremely friendly staff. Fantastic value for money (we had a special breakfast for $11 which included bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast AND a coffee). Highly recommended!

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I remember when the original 'original maltese pastizzi' store was this tiny place in the next block and the pastizzi were 35c, this was in the early '80s. It moved here with the original owner 20 or so years ago. When my daughter started pre-school we'd often stop here & lug her brother in the capsule & sit in here for an after-school snack. Life moves on & this place seems to have been through many hands. While it used to be pastizzi & just a couple of pasta dishes, there's now a wide array of mains, sandwiches, breakfast dishes; I don't think they quite know what kind of place they want to be.

But the pastizzi are still here & better than anywhere else,  though they're $1.60 or so now. A strong coffee & a couple of the delicious chicken & mushroom pastizzi is still one of my favorite snacks when I can afford the calories. Ricotta/spinach, curry beef, pea, chicken/veg are also nice.  Rating 4.0 for the pastizzi, I've never tried anything else here. 

The hot pastizzi are great for catering too, I've bought boxes of them home many times, good footy food. If you're having an office do they'll even put them in a taxi or hire car, & they arrive still warm.

Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon)

Usually when I see great reviews I wonder if the place wrote them themselves but this place was awesome! Needed a coffee and the coffee was great service was better than great and food I would come back for if I am ever in Sydney again!

Amy Edwards
Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon)

Excellent choice. Pastizzi were really authentic in flavour; found some other Maltese delicacies as well like honey rings etc. Ordered the ricotta ravioli in an entree size: it was HUGE!!! Tasted amazing too. Very basic but sensible venue; would suggest some soft background music to liven things up. Service top notch!

Myriam Camilleri
Zomato (formerly Urban Spoon)

It was late in the evening and Paper Moose were roaming the streets filming girls on bicycles. Not in a weird way, but in a way that promoted safe nighttime cycling and this campaign happened to feature young women.

The hour arrived when it was high time for something to eat, we had a lot of equipment with us so couldn't venture far from our shooting location.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment being pushed around the Surry Hills Streets in a large metal industry standard dumb waiter. Pushed around by a five foot eleven, industry standard dumb Seaton.

We came to the Original Maltese Cafe and after a quick word with management carried in the equipment and planted it in the cafe. We, the hungry film crew and talent, took up near all of their seating and ordered an array of Pastizzi's to have there.

Large platters of the Maltese delicacy were brought out and we sat and laughed and talked and pondered as we ate pea pastizzi's, spinach, curry and ricotta ones. Filling our stomachs and satisfying our taste buds with the delicious, both in flavour and textual, treats.

The Pastizzi is one of those foods that is both appropriate for snacking and for dining and with only a handful of places providing them, the Original Maltese Cafe is one of the best.

Seaton K.

This place is a real Sydney dining institution opening in 1952.
The pastizzi's are the perfect little snack food. Savoury puff pastry parcels filled with flavours such as Chicken and Mushroom, Chicken and Vegetable, Meat Curry. A vegetarian option is also available - Vegetable curry, Ricotta Cheese, Ricotta and Cheese. New flavours since I was here last are Tandoori Chicken and Chilli Con Carne. Sweet Pastizzi's come in Apple and Sweet Ricotta and Blueberry. One is never enough! The price for a single Pastizzi has gone up to $1.50 each.
TIP: Buy 4 for only$5!

Feeling like a more substantial meal?
There is a breakfast menu (I've never tried a breakfast here), but I've sampled their great pasta dishes for both lunch and dinner.

The freshly hand made Raviul dish is delicious. You feel like you have gone home to Mamma's!

New additions to the menu are now Burgers $10, Grilled Chicken $10, Chicken Schnitzel $12 and all served with chips!

Maybe you'd prefer a seafood option? Grilled Barramundi or Grilled Salmon is now served here with a side serving of salad / vegetables and chips $18.

I use to buy packets of a dozen frozen Pastizzi's for $15 for home parties or work functions. Also a popular item at any function. The café also provides a catering service.

As you can see this place is worth the visit and is great value for money.

Paul O.

Hey you know what you can buy for $1.20 these days? Pretty much nothing. Like, a plastic fork. One chopstick. Half a red frog.

Or. OR! A pastizzi on Crown St in the middle of the city. Palate pleasing puff pastry parcels of perfection, these little bad boys ain't just dirt cheap, they're tasty as all get out (how did that even become a saying? What's all get out, and who's eating it?)

And the flavours. Oh lawdy lawdy lawd, such flavours. Ricotta is the staple. Pea is great. Chilli is understandably epic. The sugared apple is tip top. And there are a dozens more, including limited edition flavours, like Goan beef.

PRO TIP: they also do full meals, Kevin the owner is a trained chef and his current specialty is rabbit, using quality ingredients. Get it up ya, tell ya friends.

Benjamin B.

Omg pastizzi!!!! This place is a god send when hungry, drunk, craving a snack, craving carbs, salt and fat. For only $1.60 you get a piece of pastizzi which is a golden, flaky pastry with warm gooey yummy filligs such as chicken,  bolognaise,  peas, cream cheese,  tandoori chicken, etc, etc. At any time of the day, even if they only have 5 kinds on display,  they can magically pull out any of the many flavours on the blackboard out of thin air!

When you eat the pastizzi, its serioisly heaven. The crunch from the pastry is just deafening and will make your chewing as loud as Lily's loud chewing from How I Met Your Mother.

If you're on a budget, I recommend you go to this store as you can get more from your budget constraint here, all other stores charge $2 or $2.50. Looking at the price differences, you could profit from these price differences by buying from the crown street store and selling the same pastizzis for an amount between 1.61 to 1.99 in front of the oxford Street store. You could do this everday until, they either made the prices the same between stores or they chase you away with an angry maltese grandma with a broom.

Geenie K.

The Original Maltese Café is a landmark of Darlinghurst. The atmosphere is simple but relaxed, but no one goes there for the decor it is all about the food.
The meals are reasonably priced with Ravioli, Lasagne and Rabbit Stew all $12, or if you want to spend a whopping $18 you can have Garlic Prawns. Also they serve breakfast, sandwiches and salad. But I always have the Pastizzi, at $1.60 each, or $17 for a dozen you cannot go wrong, with a selection of Ricotta Cheese, Ricotta Cheese & Spinach, Peas, Beef Curry, Chicken & Vegetable, Chilli Con Carne, Vegetable Curry, Tandoori Chicken, and Apple. For $2.00 they have Sweet Ricotta and Bluberry.
The Maltese café is one of my favourite haunts when I just want to have a coffee (they make a good cappuccino too) and a snack with a good book.

John C.

It has taken me 2 years to come here even though I live in the same block as this Maltese eatery. Mainly because it gets overlooked by all the other flashier options on Crown St and this one always seems empty, almost like a suburban milk bar. But I finally took the plunge and went in to order myself some pastizzi's to go. I'm glad I did because I think its my new indulgent snack!
I say indulgent, because these as some of the greasiest things I've the time I got to Hyde park to eat them, the paper bag was soaked full of oil. But the pastry was so flaky and delicious that I forgot about how fatty it is. I got the ricotta & spinach, beef curry and a ricotta & blueberry. You can buy a tomato and garlic sauce which you can dip the pastizzi's in, and complements them well. The savory pastizzi's were nice but the sweet one was a bit weird. The ricotta was a bit lumpy and cold so didn't like that one as much. Next time I'll try the chicken pastizzi's and the apple one to finish off.  I also hear the home made ravioli is quite good too...

It may have taken me a while to get here in the first place, but I'll be back 🙂

Isabel Y.

These guys have been making moreish Maltese finger food - pastizzis - since 1952, so they've got it down pat. Flaky golden parcels of pure delight in every flavour imaginable. They're cheap as chips - $17 per dozen or $1.60 each - so you can eat 'em till the cows come home. Stock up on supplies, whack them in your freezer for an endless supply at the ready. Super convenient for those hung over days when you simply can't leave the house, but need something deliciously naughty to ease the pain. They're hand made with lost of Maltese love and there's a pastizzi for every palette... cheese and spinach; pure ricotta cheese; mushy peas; chicken and mushroom; chilli con carne; vegetable curry; tandoori chicken; or curried beef. Round it all off with blueberry and sweetened ricotta cheese, or apple for dessert. When you're pastizzid out, reach for a deep fried date slice or kanoli filled with sweet ricotta - made to order. There are no frills in this retro-ish Crown Street institution. It's quite simply all about the pastizzis... and a MUST for pastry lovers.

Julia I.